Contact Lens Fitting

If you want to eliminate eyeglasses and are desiring more of a natural look, you might consider contact lenses. At Morris Opticians and Hearing Aid Center in Augusta, GA, we provide contact lens fittings to learn more about your condition and recommend the right lenses. Before scheduling your appointment, learn more about what to expect during your appointment below: 

contact lens fitting

What to Expect During Your Contact Lens Fitting

When you visit us, we will first measure your eyes so that we can determine the diameter and curve that's needed for the contact lenses. Your pupils and iris are going to be measured during the process as well. Our optician will then look at your tear film, as it is important that your eyes keep the contacts moist. Before providing you with your prescription, we’ll check your visual acuity and overall eye health.

Items to Consider

Not everyone is the best candidate for contact lenses. If you tend to rub your eyes frequently, it may be an issue, so we might just recommend glasses instead. Along with that, if you have astigmatism, you may find contacts more challenging. In this case, we can discuss specialty lenses that are designed for your condition.

We will also speak about different contact lens brands with you and how long you should wear the contacts. You can pick from lenses that you wear daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly. Afterward, we'll go over lens care and what to do and avoid when it comes insertion and removal. We can also show you how to properly wash your contacts and how to store them between uses. It is important to properly care for your contacts since get bacteria in your eye and lead to an eye infection. Our team wants to ensure that the fitting experience goes smoothly for you and that you can wear your lenses comfortably.

Contact us for an Appointment Today

To learn more about contact lens fittings or to schedule your visit, contact Morris Opticians and Hearing Aid Center in Augusta, GA, at (706) 860-9800 today. We are happy to provide you with additional information and set you up with an appointment. Our team looks forward to improving your vision!

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